From Bulletin 138 October 2008.


From Loren Zeller

These two pieces have a common reserve but different borders.

The reserve, central on the bowl, features three Chinese figures, a child and two adults, these latter two apparently engaged in conversation. He points to the left, she holds a basket, the child holds a small branch or toy. Two trees complete the small scene, which has a framing band of stringing. This cameo is surrounded by a complex floral and foliage pattern with elaborately decorated classical urns. A wide elegant floral and ribbon border surrounds the central pattern and this is repeated around the outside of the bowl. The rim is ochre enamelled.

The border pattern on the teapot is different. It incorporates a grape and leaf motif. The teapot collar and handle are enamelled in ochre. It has a shape which is the same as the example shown in plate 897 in Berthoud & Maskell: Directory of British Teapots (page 150). Neither the bowl nor the teapot is marked. The pattern is recorded in the TCC pattern database  and any information regarding the pattern or  its maker would be most appreciated.

Chinoiserie Bowl

Chinoiserie bowl

Harley Type teapot