From Bulletin 133 October 2006.

from Michelle Hyde

A large dish in this series is shown on page 131 of Volume 1 of the Dictionary. The dish shown here is even larger, with a length of 550mm and a width of 430mm. Comparing the patterns on the two dishes, it appears that the tree and foliage to the left, the large flowers on the right and the foliage around the plinth are near enough identical on both pieces, leaving us with differences only in the shape of the vases and the figures decorating them, and the buildings faintly glimpsed in the background. The country house on the dish in the Dictionary has been identified as Coughton Court, near Alcester in Warwickshire. The building on the dish shown here appears to be a castle. The dish sports the series printed cartouche on the underside of the rim as shown in the Dictionary, and the base is combed. How many more examples of this series are in Members' collections, and does anyone have an example with a manufacturer's mark?