From Bulletin 131 April 2006.


From George Worlock.

Back in Bulletin 60 (Summer 1988) a photograph of mine was illustrated of a porringer shape cup and saucer with a chinoiserie type pattern which was unmarked and unattributed. (I show it again below. Ed). The cup has an unusual shaped bamboo handle, which gave rise at the time to suggestions of Shorthose or Belle Vue, Hull. Subsequently both suggestions were proved to be incorrect when Minnie Holdaway, (Occasional Paper on Rogers, Summer 1992), illustrated an identical cup and saucer and two teapots, all in the same pattern and with both teapots having the impressed mark ROGERS. Minnie named the pattern Toy Chinamen Chinoiserie. It forms the main pattern on the teapots and arguably also on the cups where, as shown here, it appears both inside and out. She described the pattern as “two small Chinamen, trees and buildings in framed reserves, alternating with unframed panels containing leafy scrolls”.

On the 254mm diameter dinner plate, however, the vignettes of the pattern title form the border design, while the central pattern is a version of Camel pattern with the camel facing to the left and a different background, which we shall call Camel II. It is, in fact, a faithful copy of an entire Daniell print shown here, ‘Oriental Scenery Part I plate 13 The Western Entrance of Shere Shah’s Fort, Delhi, Furthermore, the vignettes are from engravings by William Alexander in the Staunton book, see Bulletin 128 p11 (Info: Michael Sack). The plate has the impressed mark ROGERS.