From Bulletin 130 January 2006.

From June Reed

The photograph (below) shows a miniature part dinner service printed with Rogers' version of Monopteros pattern. (None of the pieces is, in fact, marked). It is displayed on a dinner napkin 560mm square, and the way in which it came into my possession may interest Members.

Some twenty-five years ago, I was able to be of help from time to time to an elderly lady with deteriorating eyesight, who lived nearby. As a thank you for my help she said I could have one of her antiques to remember her when she died and kept offering me different items, which were not, however, to my taste. Then one day, I spotted a very small cup and saucer in a cabinet and asked if I could have that because I collect miniature tea services. She said: "Oh, I have a set in the bottom of the cupboard. Would you like it?" I said yes, but she never showed it to me. I was truly amazed when I opened the box and saw this almost complete dinner service and realised I had been given a treasure.
[A close-up of one of the miniature dishes shows the quality of the engraving. And here we have, as on most miniature pieces, a distinct border whereas, in the case of 'full-size' pieces, the main pattern covers the whole of the surface. See also Coysh I, 87. Ed]


Miniature service