From Bulletin 125 October 2004.

From Gerard Ledger

The sauce tureen and stand shown here are in the Bathwell and Goodfellow series and appear to bear three patterns not recorded in the Dictionary.
On the side of the tureen two children are beside a pond, one holds a boat by a string, the other is curiously dressed, a bit like a Chinaman.
On the lid a lone child does not appear to be doing anything other than sitting.
On the stand the child on the right is holding a kite. Mother and another child look on.
The stand, which is 200mm wide, bears the Rural Scenery cartouche, Dictionary Vol I page 315. There are no other marks.

                    BIRD'S NEST

This bowl decorated with the Bird's Nest pattern (Dictionary Vol. II page 221) is one of the finest we have come across. The border pattern on the outside is stunning, a section of it being shown above.
The bowl has a diameter of 265mm and is 115 mm high. There are no marks, but a possible distinguishing feature is a double incised circle inside the footrim. I notice that the image in the Dictionary is the mirror image of the one we have, but this is perhaps only a quirk of photographic reproduction.