From Bulletin 124 July 2004.

WEDGWOOD’S CHINESE TEMPLES – from a Correspondent

The Wedgwood bowl shown here is 153mm in diameter, with a height of 70mm. It bears the impressed maker’s mark, together with PEARL and H V W also impressed.

The pattern in the top picture is printed twice on the side of the bowl, while the second picture appears only once. The patterns are known as Chinese Temples and, according to the late Una des Fontaines, were introduced at the factory in May 1828. A further example of the top pattern can be seen in True Blue Case 24/37 on a sugar bowl.

Godden gives the dates of the impressed mark PEARL as c1840-1868 and, in fact, the third letter of the three letter cypher, W, normally means 1868. This gives a very long period of use for these patterns.

[On the face of it, and bearing in mind that all the examples in True Blue are given a date of c1835-40, I find it difficult to believe that the bowl is as late as 1868. However, I should be pleased to hear the views of Members. Ed.]