From Bulletin 112 July 2001.


From Grahame and Arleen Tanner

With reference to Bull 111 p11, the ascribing of the Villager pattern jug to various makers, we were unaware of the Jones attribution. What concerned us most, however, was the lack of a Swansea attribution in the list! Our Swansea Villager pattern jug appeared in Bull 95 page 8 where it was fully described, along with mention of the Women with Baskets pattern which has the same under-glaze blue `I' and is undoubtedly a Swansea pot. (My fault! Apologies! Ed).

We enclose a further photograph of our Villagers jug (below) with two other known Swansea jugs to show how the jug's shape, the handle and its shape and its position in relation to the body conform exactly to the two other Swansea jugs. We also enclose a photograph of our bowl with Women with Baskets pattern (below).The border on this bowl is not the usual border found with this pattern, the more usual being of a floral nature. Thus, the Cambrian Pottery sometimes used different borders with one pattern. The bowl has a rim diameter of 167mm, a base diameter of 80mm and is 95mm high.



MALMESBURY DONKEY - from Colin & Patricia Parkes

The reference is to Bull 111 p12 where the boy on the donkey comes from a pattern marked Malmsbury Abbey (sic) shown in Dictionary I p234. However, there are two so marked pieces shown, only one of which shows the boy on the donkey, and this piece is most likely not to be the Abbey since the source print for the other piece is known and mentioned, and there are other differences in the two patterns. Annette Crumpton (Bull 81 p11) shows the erroneously marked pattern again, this time on a dish marked Furness Abbey which, again, it isn't! A version, Cow Boy, is described in Dictionary II p63. (Does anyone have a marked piece? Ed). A version in our collection is shown below. (Border aside, this could be Cow Boy, couldn't it? Ed).