True Blue

Edited by Gaye Blake Roberts, FMA, FRSA -
Curator, The Wedgwood Museum.

For all who own British antique blue-printed pottery this book is essential reading.

With over 1,000 illustrations (including 12 pages in full colour) each giving full details of maker (where known) and year of manufacture et cetera, it provides readers with the opportunity to identify their favourite pieces.

In addition it contains essays by thirteen of the leading authorities on these ceramics which describe how the wares were made and marketed in all parts of the world, details about each of the manufacturers (including illustrations of the marks used on each item), and information about the patterns used and the sources from which they were derived.

Prepared to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Friends of Blue (the Collector's Club) the book contains information and photographs of 700 of the most rare, beautiful and unusual items from the collections of the members, many of which have never been published before. Those who missed the exhibition at the Wedgwood Museum where these were exhibited need not despair for they are all catalogued and illustrated here.

Thanks to a generous subsidy from Christie's of South Kensington the book can be obtained at the low price of 5.00 plus 2.50 postage within UK, total 7.50, from:

The Secretary, 
Friends of Blue,
P.O. BOX 996, 
Glos, GL50 9FX.

Dictionary of blue and White Vol 1

The Dictionary of Blue and White Printed
Pottery 1780 -1880  Volume I
A. W. Coysh & R. K. Henrywood
Published by the Antique Collectors' Club 1982

Dictionary of blue and White Vol 2

The Dictionary of Blue and White Printed
Pottery 1780 -1880  Volume II
A. W. Coysh & R. K. Henrywood
Published by the Antique Collectors' Club 1989

Staffordshire Blue

Staffordshire Blue
W. L. Little
Published by B. T. Batsford Ltd., London, 1969

Coysh 1

Blue and White Transfer Ware 1780 - 1840
A. W. Coysh
Published by David & Charles, Newton Abbot, 1970

Coysh 2

Blue Printed Earthenware 1800-1850
A. W. Coysh
Published by David & Charles, Newton Abbot, 1972

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An Illustrated Guide to
1796 - 1836
Geoffrey H. Priestman
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1784 - 1833

David Drakard and Paul Holdway
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Arlene and Grahame Tanner

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Transfer recorder

The Transferware Recorder

Number 1:  Selected British Views

by Dick Henrywood

(Reynardine Publishing, Crediton, 2013;  ISBN 9780992658106;

sewn paperback 240 x 170mm; 176 pages;  579 illustrations; full colour.)


In 1982 Bill Coysh and Dick Henrywood compiled the first comprehensive reference book on blue & white transfer-printed pottery made in the UK during the 100 years following the introduction of this process of decoration in the ceramic industry. This was The Dictionary of Blue and White Printed Pottery 1780-1880, a work which has remained essential reading for anyone studying or collecting transfer-printed pottery ever since. A second volume was published in 1989, updating and adding to the original. Since then a number of books have been written on the subject and the Friends of Blue and its American offspring, the Transferware Collectors Club, have identified and reported on many patterns which were unknown or hadn’t been seen when The Dictionary was written. However, until now no-one has made a further attempt to consolidate all the available information. The Transferware Recorder sets out to do just that.


In this, the first volume of what is designed to be an expanding series of reference books, the author, Dick Henrywood, focuses on a selection of the many series of transferware patterns portraying British Views. Some are well-known, others virtually unrecorded. Some were made for domestic (UK) consumption, others for the American market. Every known view in each series is listed, some titled, many identified and nearly all are illustrated in colour. In many cases the source print from which the view was copied is also recorded and illustrated. A comprehensive list of items used for each pattern is provided, along with references to illustrations elsewhere. There is an index to all the patterns and manufacturers mentioned in the book and two useful bibliographies: one of other publications that have been referenced in this book, the other of the source books that contain the prints or illustrations from which the patterns were copied.


Copies of this excellent book, which is essential reading for collectors, researchers and dealers, may be purchased direct from the publisher. For further information about availability, prices and ordering please email

Bird's nest bowl

Bird's Nest Bowl  c. 1820.