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This Index lists all those patterns, borders and series titles which have appeared in articles of FOB Bulletins.
Pattern names given in quotes are those that are marked as such on the wares.
Other pattern names are those accepted and used by dealers and collectors, or have appeared in publications. Many of the lesser known patterns have been given
names by FOB members or the Bulletin editor of the time.
Numbers in bold refer to the Bulletin number and then the relevant page number.



                Platter    1/6
   Saucer    112/4
                Thomas Goodfellow, Tunstall.    55/5
Acorn and Oak Leaf Border Series
                Hampton House and the Temple of Shakespeare.
                                Tureen and print    132/5
                The Rookery, Surrey. Plate   113/7
                Small dish, pierced rim    105/3
                Plate by Robinson Bros    148/9
“Aesop's Fables” Series
                Spode / Copeland & Garrett
   “Cock and the Fox”. Cup and teapot    146/4; 147/6
                “Dog and the Wolf ”. Tankard    136/6
                List of titles    25/5; 26/3
African Daisies
                Dixon Austin & Co.    2/3
Afternoon by the River
  Identity of 110/6    111/5
                Plate    110/6
                Back stamp and source    121/10
                See Whitehaven patterns listed    86/12
                Note on cups with plaited handles    157/5
All Ashore
                Davenport    83/8
All Forlorn
                Young woman with chicks. Small plate, 125/5
                J.Hulme & Sons, Lane End    33/5
                See Maastricht Pottery   
And George Jones    90/2
                Another name for Lasso?    89/3
                Note   127/2
America and Independence or States Series
                 Bushey Park, Middlesex.    97/5
American Eagle and Shield
                Teabowl and saucer    97/11
American Views
                American Villa    91/5
                Boston State House (E.Wood)    91/5
   British America Brockville St Lawrence    32/8
   Coysh Memorial Lecture notes    145/8
                Winter view of Pittsfield, Mass. (Clews)    91/5
American Villa
                Dinner Plate    91/5
                Marked I.W. (John Wilkinson)    77/10
                Whitehaven patterns listed    86/12
“Amport House, Hampshire”
                Crown Acorn and Oak Leaf Border Series
                Pierced plate    22/3
Ancient Granary at Cacamo
                Caramanian Series, Copeland    43/12
“Ancient Greece”
                Stevenson    8/7
“Ancient Rome”
                Carey & Sons    27/4
                With printed title and manufacturer    57/9
“Ancient Ruins”
   Dillon plate    116/5
                W.R.& Co. Small dish    42/10
“Ancient Tomb at Buglipore”
                Oriental Scenery” Series   
  Dish, 39/6
                Source print used on several patterns    131/6
Anchor and Dolphin mark
                Illustrated    113/3; 114/3
                Illustrated    69/4; Note (Adams)    70/4
The Angry Lion
                Dish    27/9
Angus Seats Series
                Egg stand    83/8;
    Identified as Coombe Bank, Kent, from pickle set   84/4  
                Sheffield Place, Sussex. Dish and photo    152/5
Animal Prints
                Listed    80/3
Antique Fragments at Limisso
                Spode. Comport    98/5
“Antique Scenery” Series
                Abbey Gate of St Edmundsbury, Suffolk    26/4
Arundel Castle, Sussex. Tureen    106/12
                Beeston Priory, Norfolk    49/12
                Craigmillar Castle, Edinburgh    88/5
                Dish with impressed mark ‘Boyle’    133/6
  Knife rests    109/9
  List of titles    4/3
                Wingfield Castle, Suffolk   
  sauce tureen stand    106/12
  small plate    105/10
                Whitehaven patterns listed    86/12
“Select Sketches” Series
                Note    40/12
Apple Gatherers
                Note    140/10
Apple Tree
                Minton coffee pot     105/5
Aquaduct Bridge at Little Falls
                Floral border with eagle. Platter    107/12
                Mark, Minton / Meigh    81/12
Arabesque Series
                Notes    20/5
                Richmond Hill. Plate    113/2
  “Arabesque Star”
                Note of plate by Meigh    114/2
Arabian Nights Series
                List of designs    112/11
“Arabian Sketches” Series
                Detail    140/5
“Arcadian Chariot”
                Planter ( Wardle )  125/12
                Teapot   124/7;  125/12 

Arched Bridge. Boat with a flag plus a walled garden
                Teapot with swan finial    159/11

Arched Window
                Exeter shard    116/10

                Glamorgan bowl from ewer set   127/10
“Arctic Scenery” Series
                Meat dish reported    27/7
                Building an Igloo ( green )    67/8
   Source of prints    4/8; 17/5; 26/628/8; 29/6
                Plate    158/6


                Attributed to Shorthouse    99/10
                1866 conflict in Crete. Plate    152/12

                Drapers' Company. Riley, plate    7/7
                "Fortiter Defendit Triumphans" Spode    17/6
                Lizard, plate marked H & A    25/9
  Lizard armorial by Minton    6/7 and 9/4
                "Mediocra Firma", Spode    78/4
“Arundel Castle, Sussex”
                “Antique Scenery” Series
                Tureen    106/12
“Asiatic Pheasants”
Dinner plate and soap dishes ( Copeland )    118/9
Dish by Copeland    117/5
                List of marks    13/4; 14/5
  Makers listing from web site    115/3
                Note    82/2
“Asiatic Scenery”
                Plate by Joseph Harding   130/6
                Platter by T & J Carey    5/5
Aspects of Chinese Life
                Three unnamed patterns on tureen    108/6
  Possibly by T.Fell    69/10
                Rogers. Jug    113/3
  Rogers. Various scenes    22/2
Audley End, Essex
                Comments    154/6 and 156/12
                Part of composite on bowl and ewer    68/4
   Platter attributed to Stevenson    16/Supp.2
Auricula Border Series
                Notes    139/4
                Plate impressed ‘Dillon’    142/3
                Rural Scenery by Wallace    142/3
                Dating of shipwreck   129/12
                Dixon Phillips. Soup plate    48/12
Avon Gorge, Bristol
                Scene before Brunel's bridge. Jug    87/6
                Loving Cup   96/9; 97/12; 98/10



Baccanalian Cherubs
                Patterson & Co. Teapot    115/9
Bacchus Mounted on a Panther
   Greek Pattern
                Indented dish    117/6 Bailiff's Report
   A Turner plate?    93/4
Balancing Shepherd
                Mug with Georgian Coat of Arms    81/5
                Dish  125/5;  125/5; 126/8
                On drainer    13/3
“Barlborough Hall, Derbyshire”
                Crown Acorn and Oak Leaf Border Series
                Plate    38/4
“Barnard Castle, Durham”
                Drainer    75/5
Baronial Halls Series
                Dish    96/4
                Plate    55/10; 81/6
                See Goodfellows    55/5
Basket of Flowers
                Adams plate    92/9
                Cake stand probably Riley    108/7
                Dish    81/6
   Dish by Wm Mason   130/2  
                Wedgwood. Pickle dish    40/8
Basket & Vase
                Clews plate    92/9
                From USA shipwreck    121/6
                Notes and illustration, J & M.P.Bell    31/10
Batchelors' Half-Pint
                Two-handled mug    66/3 
“Bath & Bristol Cathedrals”
                Careys', Cathedral Series
                Report of sauce tureen    53/10
“The Beach at Brighton”
   Shell Border Series
                Source of pattern 117/2
Beaded Frame Mark Series
                Notes    132/11
                Richmond. Dish 126/8
“Beauties of England & Wales” Series
                Bridge, Castle &c at Brecknock. Tureen stand    155/6
                Drainer, unidentified view    155/7
   Erin mark notes    25/11
   Hicks & Meigh, drainer    157/8
   Monnow Bridge. Dish    81/11
   Oriental. Name on outside of fruit bowl and plate    155/8
                Pickle dish    69/5 and 70/4
                Serving dish, unidentified view    155/7
                Vegetable tureen and cover, unidentified view    155/7
“Bedfords, Essex”
                Crown Acorn and Oak Leaf Border Series
                Dish    39/10
                Notes    33/9; 34/8
                Modified version on tureen    134/7; 135/6
Beehive and Vases
                Marked Stevenson & Williamson    42/6
The Beemaster
                And Gables Farm (Adams)    113/11
                Garden Seat    103/8; 110/8
   Hicks & Meigh, drainer    157/8
                Item possibly Adams    3/8
                Minton and Herculaneum handles    77/9; 78/5
                Notes    29/3; 64/12
                Possible manufacturer    111/3
   Sauce tureen and stand    86/10
   Shell dish    157/9
                Tureen with pineapple knop    99/8
Beer Pump Handles
                Note    120/11
“Beeston Priory, Norfolk”
                Floral Border Series    150/2
Bell Flowers over Chinese Landscape
                Dished plate    108/10
Bellerephon's Victory over the Chimaera
                Footed comport    117/7
“Belsay Castle, Northumberland”
   Grapevine Border Series
                E. Wood. Dish    101/12
“Belvoir Castle”
                And other Named Views    17/5
                Notes and illustration. E.Wood    31/9
Benevolent Cottagers
                Mug    40/5
                Vegetable dish    138/9
                Cartouche on Godwin plate    133/4
Ben Jones (trader)
                Butter advertisement    82/11
“Berlin Chaplet”
                Tureen possibly Minton    89/9
'Best Goods'
                On Winemakers plate    134/4
                Quality  mark on Wild Rose    93/9; 94/7; 97/8; 127/12
Bethlem Lunatic Asylum
                Various pieces    67/7; 68/7; 71/6
                Dish    99/16
Bewick, Thomas
                Some patterns derived from 'History of Quadrupeds    35/6
Bewick's Ducks
                On coffee pot    44/9
Bible Stories Series
                C.J.Mason patterns    142/10
Biblical Scenes
                 Tea cup and bowl    81/8
                Mug in blue and puce  124/3
“Biddulph Castle, Staffordshire
                Notes    42/1; 132/11
Bird Fanciers
                Dish    119/2
Bird in a Tree
                On a teapot    18/2
Bird on a Bar on a Chinese Rock
                Beaker    90/2
Bird and Peony
                Custard cup by Mason    95/2
Birdman with Parasol
                Plate    87/7
  Note and tea bowl    138/4     
                Tea bowl and saucer    97/11
                Variety of pieces    137/9
Bird's Nest
                Bowl with fine decoration  125/11
                Dairy pail    18/2
                Dawson tea bowl    121/3
                Dinner plate   127/4
                Note    69/10
Bird’s Nest III
                Jug    131/12
Birds of Paradise
                Soup plate by Kidston   128/4
Birds of Prey
   Jug, also cream tureen    154/11
                Meat dish ( Stevenson ?)    154/10
Birthday Present
                Folch. Plate    147/12
Bisham Abbey, Berkshire
                Or Oxborough Hall?    96/6
                Photo of building and bat print    37/6
Black Spot Flower
                Cup   130/8
                See Brameld
Black Caramanian
                Note of Sarcophagi and Sepulchres
                                at Cacamo Harbour    79/8
Black and White Cows
                Medium platter    60/2
Blind Boy
                Ridgway dinner plate    91/10
Blind Man's Buff
                Dillwyn small plates   120/3
                Plate    69/11
                Sugar box and probable source print    145/4
                Spode egg tray    69/6
Blue Bamboo
                Wedgwood butter tub    85/11
Blue Birds and Net
                Wedgwood oval dish    75/10
Blue Bridge
                Wedgwood. Small bowl    60/5 and 61/10
Blue Geranium Border
                Copeland saucer with name 'J.Hobson'    104/4
                'John French' (cook) name on bowl    104/4
Blue Pheasants
                Mason's crockery for Cambridge college    104/4
Blue Rose Border Series
                Castle Richard. Tureen    43/11 and 44/10
                Greenwich, painted by Owen    138/3
                Mount Bellow, Galway. Plate   130/9
                Rorstrand    84/9
                Rorstrand / Wedgwood    85/4
                Tower of London, painted by Owen. Tureen 132/7; 138/3
Bluebell Border Series
                Morland Castle Staffordshire    86/2
                Two Abbeys   129/6
Boat and Church
                Note    133/11
                Plate    132/8
                Whitehaven    86/12
Boston State House
  American Views
                Dinner plate by E.Wood    91/5
   Plate and notes    49/9, 50/12, 51/11, 109/5
Botanical Series
                See Wedgwood
                Note on Copeland & Garrett
                                and Wedgwood    43/8; 57/9
                Minton teapot and sauce tureen    137/5
Bow Bridge
                See Metropolitan Scenery    1/4
Bovey Buffalo
                Teapot    81/2
Boy and Fence
                Rogers jug    81/4
Boy in the Door
                Pearlware filled-in transfers    149/12
Boy on a Buffalo
                Bowl with Precarious Chinaman  124/5
                Crescent marks on plate    135/7
                Davenport sugar bowl    136/8
                Design details    147/2
                Exeter shards    103/7
                Jug    99/11
                Plate    101/9
                Swansea  126/2
                Tea bowl    105/12
                Wolfe, plate    146/2; 147/6
Boy on a Raft
                Teapot and jug    123/7
Boy on a Ram
                Punch bowl    123/11; 124/9
                With added kayak  124/2
Boy on a Swing
                Vomit pot    132/8
Boy Piping
                Dessert dishes possibly Hamilton   128/4
   Exeter shards (Marsh?)    116/2
                Four examples possibly Hamilton    114/6
                Link with Sheepshearer II    51/11
                Playing to girl and sheep    89/6
Boy with a Horn  (Ethiopian Horn Player)
                Castleford mug    74/6
Boy Piping II
                Exeter shards with 'dimple'    106/9
                Teapot and sugar bowl    90/7
Boy Receiving Bible from George III
                Plate    37/2
Boys Bird-Nesting
                Miniature plate    54/8
Boys Fishing
                Note    140/10
Brace of Birds
                Tea bowl    141/11
                View.  Henshall    3/2
Break-Back Bridge
                Coffee Pot    87/11; 112/7
                Octagonal shaped teapot. Harvey    85/10
                Teapot    88/3
Breaking Cover
                Note of pattern title on large jug    66/5
“Bride of Lammermoor”
  “Scott's Illustrations” Series
                Large dish with J & R Godwin mark    73/3
                Plate    107/4
                Chinoiserie - one man inside, one outside    55/7
Bridge  (Queen Charlotte)
                Minton coffee pot    116/10
Bridge and Castle II
                Teapot    133/4
Bridge and Church
                Sucrier and cover    155/4
Bridge of Lucano
                Bathwell & Goodfellow mark    117/4
                Mug marked W.Reid    46/10
Bridge of Staves
                See Don and Twigg Potteries list    43/5
Bridge and Swan
                Plate with this Leeds pattern    43/8
                Rogers impressed mark    2/3
“British Cathedral” Series
                Canterbury. Small tureen stand    99/13
British Flowers Series
                Tulip on dish    80/2
British History Series
                Elizabeth Addressing the Troops    26/12
                Landing of King William    23/3
                Note    46/2
                Source Prints    72/5   
“British Lakes” Series
                General notes    25/3
                Thirlmere    25/3
                Ullswater    23/3
                Windermere. C J M & Co noted    26/5
“British Marine”
                Jug with odd lettering    69/2
                Lighthouse and Island Castle. Plate    39/8
                Machin & Potts moulding    60/7
                Pieces illustratyed   4/6; 25/2; 32/11
                Royal Vitreant China mark    46/6
“British Palaces” Series
                Buckingham Palace. Plate    131/6
                Windsor Castle. Dish, possibly R. Stevenson    39/13
“British Rivers” Series
                A M mark attributed to Clyde Pottery    28/5
“British Scenery” Series
                Fisherman casting    59/12
                Lakeside Castle. Pierced basket    51/9
                Leamington Baths    41/8
                List of patterns in Records    27/2; 30/10
                Riverside Cottages    20/2
                Ruined Abbey     10/5;   identified as Tintern  35/10
                Slingsby Castle, Yorkshire 10/5;   Later corrected to Valle Crucis Abbey 11/2
                Stackpole Court. Jug    69/7 and 70/4   
                Thatched Barns. Amendment    37/4
                Village Fishermen    7/11
                Watermill    20/2
                Windmill    20/2
British views generally
                List with factories    16/Supplement
“British Views” Series
                Attribution to Hicks & Meigh    157/8,9  158/3
  Claremont House    13/9
                Coomb Bank, Kent    22/5; 40/10
                Distant Mansion    46/11
                Dividing River    46/11
                Elkins attribution    33/8
                Hicks and Meigh?    84/2
                List of views    22/4
                Note of two further views    45/7
                Pickle tray and Drainer    157/8
Ralph Stevenson attribution    18/6
                Shell dish    157/9   
  Supper segment    157/2
  Unrecorded pattern on plate    114/5
“Broke Hall, Suffolk”
                Possibly a view of this Hall by S. Tams & Co.    3/2
Broken Arch with Tomb
                On jug    56/9
Broken Dish, The
                Poem by Thomas Hood    63/12
                Note    133/2
                J.G.Bagster    60/12
                Beer Pump    117/10
                Centre piece    157/2
  Copeland & Garrett plate    119/9
                Thomas Goodfellow, auction    55/5
                Miles Mason and mirror image patterns    82/10
                Mirror image on sauce boat    103/9
                On inhaler lamp    72/4
                Platter and Patent Ironstone China mark    157/3
  Reserve 'Failsworth National Sunday School'    109/10
                Walsh. Jug    152/7
Brown (ochre)
                On blue printed ware     23/9
                Bowl with initial, possibly Whitehaven    113/12 and 114/11
Near Bucharest  
                Ottoman Empire Series    28/10
Buckingham Palace
                British Palaces” Series    Plate    131/6
                Heart shaped dish, likely Spode    114/10
                Two pieces, one impressed Garner    75/8
Buddhist Temple and Fisherman
                Coffee pot    122/8
                Three cups    119/9
                Spode attribution    39/16; 57/9 
                Porcelain coffee can (John Luckcock)   159/6
                Pouch Vase and cup   158/4
                T. Wolfe    34/2; 46/9
                Vase marked Turner    159/12
                On mug    14/3
Bullfinch and Humbird
                Wm Ridgway. Jug    149/7
Bunch of Grapes
                Minton jelly mould    104/12
                Teapot by Rogers    65/7
Burmese Temple
                Dish in green    62/8
                Impressed mark noted    27/5
“Burns' Cotter”
                See Brameld
Bushey Park, Middlesex
                Link with America and Independence Series    97/5
“Byland Abbey, Yorkshire”
                Note of tureen    44/10
Byrne, W. and Middiman, S.
                Engravings     18/6
Byron Views Series -
                Copeland and Garrett
                List of Titles    9/7
                Pieces and Patterns    15/4, 5, 8


Cabbage Leaf Moulded Jug
                Photos and notes    55/9; 71/2; 75/6
                Location and note    48/11and 49/8
                Views of area. Beaded Frame Mark Series    28/8
Caernarvon Castle
                Exeter shard. Tea bowl    92/11   
                Mark on Canton River pattern    80/4 and 81/10
                Printed mark 'A.M.'    28/5
                Heathcote pattern on soup plate    82/8
                View on sauce tureen    131/9
                By Rogers    56/11 and 57/11; 88/9; 115/9
                Dixon Austin, bowl    88/8
                Leeds jug    93/6; 114/7
Camel II
                Plate by Rogers with source print    131/4
Camping and Carting
                See Don & Twigg Potteries    43/5
Canadian Patterns
                Book of patterns found at Hudson's Bay Co.    28/6
                View of Montreal. Sepia printed stand    28/7    
                See Wild Rose
                See Don & Twigg Potteries    43/5
Candle Holder
                Wall mounted showing Wild Rose    7/2
Canopied Bridge
                Teapot    134/3;
                Variations on saucer and mug    134/3
                See Don & Twigg Potteries    43/3
                Note of T.Mayer red-printed piece    78/3
                Sewell, note    56/11
Canovian Statues
                Dinner plate   128/9
                H. & R. Daniel, soup plate    87/5
                Platter marked H.D. & Co.    89/3
Canterbury Cathedral
                British Cathedrals. Tureen stand    99/13
                Plate by Clews    90/4
                Thomas Goodfellow sale    55/5
Canton Crane
                Hicks & Meigh impressed Canton china mark    46/3
Canton Opaque China
                Plate and mark    154/5
Caramanian Series
                Notes    10/3
                Sources    51/2
“Caravansary at Kustchuk Czenege
                Ottoman Empire Series Notes    40/12 and 50/8
Caribbean Views Series
                Listed on sheet included with 148
                Bovey Tracey. Coffee pot    115/11
                Cup    81/2
Carnation / Chrysanthemum
                Rogers or Bovey Tracey?    123/12
                Caledonia Pottery.  Note of jug, 54/11
                Moulded plate with maker initials WG & S    101/3
Carreg Cennen Castle
                View identified    34/4
Carren Castle
                Identified as Beeston Castle    77/3
Carrying Home the Sheep
                Spode Greek pattern. Square dish    110/4
Cascade at Isola
  Don pottery meat dish   21/4
Castagne, Tre
                See Don & Twigg Potteries    43/4   
                Bathwell & Goodfellow impressed mark    16/Supplement
“Castle of Beaucaire”
                Plate and cartouche W & C    133/5
Castle Cup Plates
                Two by Spode    112/2
“Castle Forbes, Aberdeenshire”
                Cup plate    93/12
Castle Gateway
                Monk's Rock Tenby Series    40/2; 69/8; 80/9
                Teapot    138/6
Castle on Hill
                Mug and jug    153/9
Castle Richard, Waterford
                Blue Rose Border Series. Tureen    43/11
                Centre piece by Elkin, Knight    86/6
“Castle of Rochefort, South of France”
                See Brameld
Castle Scene
                Dish by G.F.Smith    87/12
                Riley's Union Border Series    54/2
                See Don & Twigg Potteries    43/3
Cathedral Church of Glasgow
                Meat dish impressed Boyle    133/6
                Plate, M.U.    1/4; 16/Supp.8
                Source of print    18/6
Cathedrals, Continental
                Marked A.M. or T.S.& Co.    28/6
Cathedral Series
                Carey, Christ Church, Oxford    98/10
                Note of sauce boat by Turner & Tomkinson    49/9
Cattle and Ruins
                Plate and jug    101/10 (alt. title Eastern Scenery 103/8)   
“Cattle & Scenery”
                Plate marked T.Mayer    14/8
Castle and Trees
                Exeter shards    106/10
Cattle Scenery
                Gazebo and Wiselton Hall    89/2
Caught Fish
                Coffee pot and cup    138/8
                Source    135/5
                Sucrier with border    150/5;  border later identified
  as Rural Riverside Lovers    152/8
                Tea bowl   127/3
Cave of Goats at Etna
                Vegetable dish by Don Pottery    74/8
                Jug    143/4; 144/10
                Nasturtium Border Series
                Machin & Potts    96/10
Celtic Greeting
                The Irish Hero pattern Dudson shards    68/8
Centenary ( Wesleyan Methodism)
                Pot    100/7
Chain & Knotted Rope Border
                Plate, Swansea or Bo'ness?    122/3
Chalees Satoon
                Article and photos    79/6 and 86/4
                Chestnut basket    86/4
                Plate    134/8
                Saucer dish and impressed mark    132/4
  Tea bowl and dish    131/8
                Toilet box possibly Herculaneum    77/3
  Tureen stand   130/7
Chalets by Waterfall
                Jug    43/11
Chambers' Water Closet
                By Davenport    115/6
                Thomas Goodfellow auction    55/5
“Charenton, near Paris”
                Pineapple Border Series    41/8
                Whitehaven    86/12
Charlie Chaplin's Fence
                Chinoiserie jug possibly Stevenson    108/9
Chatting Villagers
                Strainer    18/12
“Cheddar, Somersetshire”
                Clews “Select Scenery” Series. Plate    74/11
Cheese Wedge
                Possibly Dillwyn    80/12 and 81/11
“Chepstow Castle”
                Note    132/11
                View by Pountney & Allies    16/Supp.5
Cherub Medallion Border Series
                Cluny Castle. Tureen stand    131/9
                Custard cup (Scarborough)    105/10
                Herculaneum soup plate with view of Worcester    88/4
                Warwick Castle. Dish    153/2
                Lancaster    153/3
                Richmond, Yorkshire. Footed basket   130/7
Chesapeake and Shannon
                Derivation of scene    32/4
                Note of pattern by J.& M.P. Bell    57/8
Chevy Chase Series
                Dimmock dinner service described    31/3
Chief Brigand Series
                Chief Brigand Aroused    104/7
                Chief Brigand Death    104/7
                Chief Brigand Pursuit    104/7
                Patterns listed on sheet with 148
                Well and tree dish    103/4
Child, Impatient
                Plate, M.U.    3/8
Child and Two Birds
                Jug    69/11
Children at the Pig-Pen
                On coffee pot    47/12
Children at Play
                Miniature dinner service    54/8
Children Bathing the Dog
                Rose Border Series
                Handleless cup    114/5
                Teapot by Stevenson    113/8
Children Petting Dog
                Sugar bowl    136/8
Children Fishing
                Davenport teapot   129/5
                Jug    131/10
Children with Hen in Cage
                Tea bowl    136/3
Children's Pets
                Jug and plate by Maddock & Seddon    57/6
Child's Prayer
                Printed on plate with moulded border    61/6
Chinese Patterns
                Bridge, Pagodas and Willow. Coffee pot    137/11
                Bridge and Pagoda. Semi-china mark   129/4
   Bridgeless Willow. Mug    17/10
                Buffalo. Thomas Wolfe and others    34/2
                Cameleopard. Jug    138/5
                Child on reins. Plate    145/7
                Chinaman. Lakin & Poole    23/6
                Chinaman with Rocket    70/6; 73/5; 106/6 and 7; 108/3
                Chinaman with Spear. Plate    21/9
                Chinese Barge, Hamilton    54/10
                Chinese Bird    78/2
                Chinese Celtic plate    81/12
                Chinese Circus. Platter    81/10
                Chinese Costume. Plate by Davenport    137/4
                Chinese Cottage and Flagpoles. Plate    132/6; Note    133/11
                Chinese City. Clews dish   129/8
                “Chinese Dragon”    5/9; Tureen, Ridgway attrib. 155/2
                Chinese Family. Cup and saucer    71/5
                Chinese Family II    89/6; 116/2; 120/2
                Chinese Family in Garden. Teapot    156/10
                Chinese Figures. Minton pattern    66/3
                Chinese Fishermen. Like Pagoda and Palms?    123/10
                Chinese Flagbearers. Comport possibly Wolfe    108/11
                “Chinese Fountains”. Elkin Knight & Co. mark noted    33/9  Chinese Fruit Seller. Signed "Wear Sc."    17/7
                Chinese Garden. Wedgwood (see Palisade)    80/8
                Chinese Gardener. Plate impressed W & B    6/6; 18/3; 99/11;      105/11; 106/14; 117/9
                Chinese in Gazebo. Plate with printed mark Davenport    19/4
                Chinese in Gazebo II. Plate by Davenport    24/3
                Chinese Harbour. Dish similar to Davenport    75/5
                Chinese Hydroelectric Station. Saucer    74/6
   “Chinese Juvenile Sports”. Indented dish    42/8;
Plate   143/3
                Chinese Landscape
                                Coffee-pot    57/10
                                Davenport    65/8; 67/5
                Chinese Market Stall. Tureen    144/12
   “Chinese Marine”
                                Belle Vue Pottery    114/4
                                Bethlem Lunatic Asylum    67/7; 68/7; 71/6
                                Fell & Co. impressed mark 25/5
                                Minton. Pieces recorded    4/3
                                Other manufacturers    5/4
                “Chinese Pagoda”
   Dubbed 'Charlie Chaplin's Fence'    108/9; 114/9
                                Marked B.T.P.Co.    40/12
                “Chinese Pastimes”.  Davenport meat dish    59/5;
Plate    143/3
                Chinese Pilgrim. Teapot    65/6 and 66/2
                Chinese Potted Plant. Plate marked W.Wright    22/10
                Chinese Procession. Mug    141/9; 142/9
                Chinese Raft. Dish with reversed pattern    66/7 and 79/11
                Chinese Raftman and Ruins. Plate    139/10
                Chinese River. Source prints    74/4; 80/4
                “Chinese Sports”. Marked T.F.& Co.  41/8    Toyware teapot etc.  158/10
                Chinese Terrace. Tureen    52/6
                Chinese Temples. Wedgwood bowl  126/11;
on a broth pot   125/4  
                Chinese Traders, plate by Stevenson    52/2 and 6
                Chinoiserie Bridgeless    3/7; 107/6; 108/10
                Chinoiserie Design. Jug ‘James Taylor 1797’    134/7
                Chinoiserie generally. Nankin Broseley etc    29/2
   Chinoiserie High Bridge    52/2
                Chinoiserie Long Fence (Parasol & Palms)    42/7
                Chinoiserie Low Bridge. Plate    81/10
                Chinoiserie mug    137/11
                Chinoiserie Palm.  Mug    156/10
                Chinoiserie Ruins
                                Chesterfield Pottery    69/3
                            Impressed Rogers    14/2; 22/2
                                Leaf shaped pickle    148/4
                Chinoiserie Series by Davenport    73/4
                Chinoiserie with Signal Tower. Possibly Machin    159/2
   Chinoiserie tobacco jar with ‘Wellington Hotel’ mark   128/5
                Covered Tub. Unidentified pattern    134/6
                Curling Palm. Impressed J. Ridgway    1/2
                Dame au Parasol (Promenade Chinoise / Dame Chinoise
                                - Octagonal plate    25/4
                                - Notes    26/3
                Duck and Greek Key Border. Creamer    144/6
                Early Teapot    133/12
                Galloping Horse, willow, temple etc. Mug    8/7
                Italianate Chinoiserie. Plate impressed Wedgwood    5/5
                Jug with Engine Turning    138/11
                Lady with Parasol. Swansea jug   127/8
                Moulded borders. Unidentified landscapes   158/8
                Nanking. Notes on versions    39/2
                One Man Chinoiserie    145/2
                One Man Parasol. Tea bowl    23/3
                Oriental Shepherd. Tea bowl and saucer    144/11
                Oriental Suitor. Coffee pot    143/8
                Pagoda and Palms    25/6; 41/3; 43/12
                Parasol and Birds. Source details and plate   127/9
                Pavilion and Column. Large bowl   127/7
                Pedestal Bowl and teapot    138/10
                Precarious Chinaman. Bowl attrib. to Swansea    19/2; 124/5
  Priest, Chinese Acrobats and Figures    146/10   
                Pterodactyl 4   Teapot, Coffee pot, tobacco jar  158/19
                Staunton engraving for Clews plates   128/11
                Stilted House. Rectangular dish by J & R Barker    13/3
                Temple Landscape. Plate impressed Garner    17/4
                Three Chinamen and Pavilion. Plate    133/11
                Three Pennants   128/2
                Two Fishermen and Temple    133/11
                Willow, see Willow Pattern
                Willow and Peonies. Indented plate by Spode    24/2
                Note of piece marked A B & G    7/8
Choura Jantely Beckham Pore
                Parrot Border Series
                Dessert dish    115/12
                Source print    119/4
“Christ Church, Oxford”
                Carey's Cathedral Series. Tureen stand    98/10
Chrysanthemum & Bamboo
                Dish by Clews    19/9
Church and Boat
                Note of Leeds Pottery    43/8
Church and Fisherman
                Clews, cup and saucer    90/6
Church Landscape with border cartouches
                Spill vases. Possibly Dudson    159/10
Church at Waterloo
                Spode sugar box    95/4
Church, domed, in landscape
                Miniature cup and saucer M.U.    18/12
Church in Beaded Oval
                Tea bowl    143/9
Church of Resina
                See Don & Twigg    43/4
Church to the Blind Asylum
                Plate and mark    135/8
Churchyard Cavalry
                Bewick on mug    87/4
“Ciala Kavak”
                Ottoman Empire Series    28/10
City Hall, New York
                Plate and mark, J. & W. Ridgway    9/6
City of Lin-Tsin
                Clews, new pattern    121/8
City of London Tavern
                Brief history    93/3
                Ridgway. Ice pail, 106/8
Clare College, Cambridge
                Arcaded plate, possibly Keeling    86/9
                Pepper pot possibly Herculaneum    86/3
                Plate with Union border    116/10
                Square dish with engraving by Wm Mason   128/8
Claremont House
                Cup and saucer by Minton   129/12
                See British Views
“Classical Antiquities Series”
                Listed on sheet with 148
                Series by J. Clementson    48/12
Classical Figure
                Clobbered pearlware saucer    116/2
Classical Landscape
                Dessert dish, Mason    101/9
Cliffs over Dover
                Tea bowl and saucer    97/5
Clinging Children
                Cup and saucer    73/11
Clinging Girl
                Rural Scenery Series
                Bathwell & Goodfellow    16/Insert
                Occasional paper No.4/5
                Plate    131/4
“Cluny Castle”
                Sauce tureen stand    131/9
                View by Herculaneum    5/8
                Thomas Goodfellow auction    55/5
Cock Inn
                Scene outside inn. Mug    13/6
Coffee House on the Tigris at Baghdad
                Two handled dish    39/11
Cokethorpe Park, Oxfordshire
                Relish dish, E.Wood    94/4
                Sauce tureen    96/2
“Cole Orton Hall, Leicestershire”
                Crown Acorn and Oak Leaf Border Series    38/3
College Views
                Teawares attributed to Mason    18/ 4 and 8
Colleges and Cooks
                Notes and photos    61/8; 65/11; 67/2; 68/2; 70/5; 78/6
                                                79/12; 81/9; 82/3
Colnebrook, View Near
                Piece marked thus but Cows Crossing Stream pattern    27/8
                Plate by J. & W. Ridgway    4/5
                Verreville    62/8
                Thomas Goodfellow auction    55/5
Colossal Sarcophagus at Cacamo
                Sauce tureen by Hamilton    94/6
Colossal Sarcophagus near Castle Rosso
                Note of plate    61/12
A Colossal Vase near Limassol in Cyprus
                Vegetable dish,    45/8
Comb Bank, Kent
                British Views” Series    22/5; 40/10
                Pattern and cartouche, J. Maddock    10/4
Conisbrough Castle
                Teapot by Brameld    153/11
                Name on cartouche of view of Conway    135/3
“Continental Cathedrals”
                Marked A.M. or T.S.& Co.    28/6
Continental Series
                By Wood & Challinor
                Listed on sheet with 148
                Link with Two Figures I    87/2
                Occasional Paper No. 4/5
                Plate   130/7
                Punch bowl, Joshua Heath?    85/11
                Rural scenery type on footbath    68/7
                Spode tureen    55/4
“Conway Castl”
                Herculaneum, Cherub Medallion Border Series    59/3
                See also Connay above
Copper Plates
                Goodwin advert and note    76/2 and 77/10
Corinthian Ornaments
                Saucer    91/9
Cork & Husk Border
                Attributed to Swansea    26/2
                Plate with Rollason & Son mark    80/7 and 81/11
Cornucopia Flower Border Series
                Large dish   129/11
Cornucopia of Flowers
                Clews plate    97/4
                Adams tea bowl and saucer    90/3
Cottage, Boat, FP & PF
                Creamer, probably Barker    157/12
Cottage Children
                Sucrier by Davenport   129/7
Cottage Door
                Plate impressed Phillips Longport    44/3
Cottage Stile and River Ferry
                Various pieces    101/11; 103/11; 104/11
Country Church
                British Scenery Series - Ridgway    76/5
Country Dance
                Saucer, M.U.    112/4
Country Girl
                Jug marked Baker Bevan & Irwin on cartouche    19/4
Country Lodge
                On teapot, unmarked    65/6
Country Mansion
                Plate by John Geddes    5/7
Country Scene
                Pilgrim flask    44/3
Country Sports
                Jug marked in floral cartouche    81/4
County of Warwick
                Title appears on centre of dessert dish    83/5
Couple with Dogs
                Teapot, tea bowl and saucer    91/7
Cow Boy
                Marsh attribution    120/2
                Plate    112/10
The Cowman
                Dessert dish possibly Riley    119/6
                Plate, M.U.    5/9
                Toothbrush box cover, leaf pickle, custard cup    155/10
                Tureen, Meigh    119/7
Cows Crossing Stream
                Plate by Dillwyn & Co.    3/7
                Well and Tree platter by Davenport   129/10
Craigmillar Castle, Edinburgh
                Platter    88/5
Back stamp appears on Cattle and River     118/12; Not
             Cranford but Cromford    119/8
                Linked with 'Abbotsford'    119/8
“Cray Place, Kent”
                Gateway to Abbey. Jug    151/3
                Note    152/12
Creilton, Pembrokeshire
                Grape Vine Border Series
                On bidet    37/9 and 40/3
                Pap boat by Godwin    102/5
Crocus Border
                Dinner plate possibly Henshall    121/3
                Plate M.U.    119/12
                Back stamp on Heathcote, River and Cattle plate    119/8
                Details of Cromford House and pattern    121/12
                Notes    140/6
Crown mark
                Minton mark on supper segment    77/2
Crown Acorn and Oak Leaf Border Series
                Bedfords, Essex    39/4
                Moxhull Hall, Warwickshire    39/4
                Worsted House, Norfolk    39/4 and 40/3
Crumlin Viaduct near Pontypool
                Swansea ( Evans & Glasson ). Plate    101/2
                Swansea jug comp. with Woman with Parasol jug    118/7
Cuckoo and Sunflower
                Octagonal plate    94/5
Cup Plates
                Evidence    6/5
                Spode Castle pattern    35/7
Cupid Patterns (E.Wood)
                Cupid Imprisoned / The Young Philosopher    92/8
                The Bride. Saucer    93/12
Cups and Cans
                Various requiring attribution    75/12
Curling Palm
                Dish by Job Ridgway    1/2
                Sauce tureen    93/10
                Sucrier with 'g' mark.     159/8
Curragh (Near Curragh on the River Ganges)
                Plate    83/3
Curtis Botanical
                Source of Spode pattern    42/8
Curved Footbridge
                Herculaneum plate    60/8
“The Cuttera at Maxadavad” (sic)
                Parrot Border Series
                Source print    119/4
Cuttub Minar in the Ruins of Ancient Delhi
                Parrot Border Series
                Source print identified    119/3
Cyprus / Venice ?
                Italian Scenery Series, Enoch Wood
                Sometimes titled Venice    68/5; 79/11



                Notes on pattern    19/10
                Plate impressed T.C.Brown-Westhead Moore    122/6
                Coffee pot    112/6
                Marked Cork & Edge    33/9
Daisies, African
                Impressed mark Dixon, Austin & Co.    2/3
“Dalguise, Perthshire”
                Note of series, possibly Stevenson    33/11
Dam and Waterworks Philadelphia
                Fruit and Flower Border Series
                Henshall dinner plate    92/7
                Plate by Verreville    63/3
Dame Au Parasol
                Note of a jug    40/12
Dancing Fisherman
                Plate impressed Swansea    90/12
Dancing Girls and Fountain
                Drainer    151/3
Death of a Bear
                Clews plate    94/8
Death of a Stag
                Mustard pot.  Rogers attribution.    107/2
Deep Trellis Border
                Plate    79/4
                Storage jar    154/8
“Denon's Egypt”
                Additional pattern    40/8
                C.T.Maling impressed mark recorded    31/10
                E.Jones. Derivation and illustration    31/9
Departing Traveller ( Return from the Hunt )
                Plate with unidentified pattern    100/7
                Re-name ‘Return from the Hunt’    153/12; 154/12
Desk Set
                Ink well, sander pot    99/8
Dillwyn Willow
                Burgess and Leigh. Jug    118/4
Diorama Series
                View of Rosedoe (Rosedale ? ), platter and
source print    143/6
                View of Southampton    74/12
Distant Conifer
                Light blue dish, imp. mark No.17
                                and printed mark No.3    62/8
Distant Mansion
                Dish in British Views Series    46/11
Dividing River
                Dish in British Views Series   46/11
Diving Dragon
                Teapot, M.U.    103/8    
Doctor Franklin's Maxims
                Octagonal plate with a printed maxim    113/4
                Plate, M.U.    6/11
Doctor Syntax Series             
                ( abbreviated titles on this list )
                Dr S. Amused with Pat in the Pond”    99/15
                “Dr S. And the Gypsies”    86/10; Cheese bell base    154/8
                “Dr S. Attends Rural Sports”    101/6
                “Dr S. Bound to a Tree by a Highwayman”    101/8
                Dr S. Disputing His Bill with the Landlady”    99/14
                “Dr S. Presenting a Floral Offering”    90/5
                Dr S. Reading His Tour”. Plate    95/6
                Dr S. Stopt ( sic ) by Highwayman”. Porridge bowl    95/5
                Series article, Adams and Clews    42/5
                The Harvest Home. Clews dish    99/15
                20th Century reproductions   2 /4; 5/10
Dog and Gate
                Mug    75/12
Dog and Pan
                Bewick engraving on mug    87/4
Dog in a Cradle
                Foliage Border Series
                Clews coffee pot    101/3
                Sauce boat    116/4
Dog Ride
                Child's teapot and sugar with Carlow mark    77/6
“Domestic Cattle” Series
                Dinner plate    26/4
                Feeding Horses    13/9
                Patterns recorded    25/10
                Pigs. Absent in pattern    27/4
                Rogers, suggested attrib.    26/4
                Shepherd. Sheep with distant mansion    43/7
                Supper dish and tureen    104/2
                Two Rabbits. Small plate    40/12
Domine Dirige Nos
                And City of London Arms    42/9
Don Quixote Series
                D.Q. and the Shepherdesss    133/11
                Plate by Davenport    90/4
Donovan Fisherman
                Impressed mark Davenport    22/2; 34/5
                Sauce boat    103/9
“Dorney Court, Buckinghamshire”
                Arcaded stand, E.Wood    101/8
                Border to be replaced by Mansion    56/5
Double-ended egg cup
                Design not identified    119/2
Double Leaf Border
                Re Davenport    132/4
                Rustic Scene. Footed bowl    132/4
“Douglas, Act 5, Scene 1”
                “The Drama” Series. Imp. Rogers    4/5
Doveridge Hall
                Platter and source print    133/8
Downing College, Cambridge
                Noted in Ridgway College Series    11/4
Dragons and Snakes
                Clobbered soup plate    117/8
                Tea bowl    150/12
                Marked Stevenson Warranted    14/10
                Research project    56/2 and 57/11
“The Drama” Series
                See Rogers
                Knife rests    143/5; 144/8
                The Revenge     42/10
Drapers' Company
                Arms on Riley plate    7/7
Driving Animals
                Dish    81/9 and 82/11
“Driving a Bear out of Sugar Canes”
                Spode Indian Sporting Series
                Drainer    33/2
Duck Hunting
                Clews, Hunting Views Series
                Plate    96/10
Duck Shooting
                Bourdaloue    94/7
                From Stafford Gallery Series    37/5
                On coffee pot from Bewick engraving    44/9
Duke of York
                Mug    147/4
Dunstable Priory
                Tulip Border plate and source print    142/9
“Durham Cathedral”
                Belle Vue Pottery? Plate    113/11
                Note on Belle Vue Pottery    114/4
Durham Ox Series
                Arcaded plate    55/8
                Border noted on other views    23/10
                Dessert dish    99/6; 118/2
                Large comport    85/8
                Patts V and VI. Sauce tureen and stand   128/5
                Similarity to a Piping Shepherd piece    116/6
                Small platter marked Withers    52/4
Dying Tree
   Plate M.U.    6/11



Eastern Gate ( leading to a Musjed at Chunar Ghur )
                Mug marked ‘Riley’    154/9
Eastern Mosques
                Pattern references    47/2
Eastern Palaces
                Plate    90/9
Eastern Port
                Leaf shaped pickle    148/4
                Ridgway bow pot    99/8
Egg Stand
                India Pattern    19/8
Eggleston Abbey, Yorkshire  ( now in Co. Durham )
                Dessert dish by Clews   129/6
Eglinton Tournament
                Royal Doulton cream jug    103/10
Egyptian Miscellany
                Platter,  M.U.    20/3
Egyptian Revival
                Inspiration for patterns    31/9
Elderly Couple
                Davenport Rural Scenes Series. Tureen, 60/2
Elegant Shepherdess
                Plate    73/9
                Cup    142/7
Elephant & Howdah
                Swansea chocolate pot    35/11
                Trefoil dish    146/11
Elephant and Rhinoceros
                Child’s plate    149/7
Elephants on River Bank
                John Hall, Oriental Scenery Series. Dish    39/6
“Elizabeth Addressing the Troops”
                See “British History” Series
                Don Pottery dish    74/8
Ely Cathedral
                Floral Border Series
                Note    150/2
Emigrants to Australia
                Plate with embossed border    148/12
                J.D.Bagster patterns    60/12
“Endsleigh Cottage”
                Oak Leaf and Acorn Border Series
                Note with other patterns    33/11
“English Cities” Series
                London (Southwark Bridge). Plate and print    107/8
“English Scenery” Series
                Grantully Castle, Perthshire    77/8
English Views
                Gubbins Hall    27/6
                Hare Hall, Yorkshire    27/7
                Osterley Park. Tureen stand    27/6
English Views Series ( Rogers )
                Ludlow Castle    19/4; 27/6
                Patterns recorded    20/4
Entrance of the Harbour at Cacamo
                Note    49/12
                Thomas Goodfellow pattern    55/5
                Title noted on face of dish    25/11
“Erith on the Thames”
                Small dish    94/12
                Tureen stand, E. Wood    93/2
“The Errand Boy”
                Clews pattern on a dish    66/7
Eskimo on Snow Shoes
                On teapot    49/6 and 78/5
Ethiopian Hornblower
                Mug    115/4
“Eton College”
                Castleford Pottery mark noted    33/9
                F.R. & Co. mark    17/10
                List of makers    53/11
Etruscan Designs
                Cup and saucer    105/4
                Large dish    133/7; Note    134/9
                Various patterns by Ralph Wedgwood    79/10
                Riley sources    46/9
European Lions series
                Connay. Plate    135/3
                Beech & Hancock. Child's cup and saucer    63/9 and 64/11
Exchange Coffee House
                Note    51/11
  Exeter Shards
                Reports from excavation   88/6; 89/4; 89/10; 92/10; 94/9; 
100/8; 105/2; 106/9; 106/12; 108/2; 116/2; 129/3
Exotic Birds
                Hicks & Meigh, shell dish  157/9     pickle dish    159/3
                Plate, prob. Clementson    156/8
                Teabowl and saucer (green). Dish    156/7
Exotic Birds on Nest
                Lidless teapot    155/12
                Saucer, also cream jug with plaited handle    155/12
  Tureen stand, M.U.    73/10
Exotic Birds in Tree
                Drainer by John Cormie    75/2
Explorer in Hammock
                Sugar box possibly Henshall    68/6
Express (The)
                Railway mug    39/15


Fair Mount
                Dinner plate, Stubbs   91/11
“Fairy Villas”
                Attributed to John Meir  106/4
                Further note    107/5
“Fakeer's Rock”
                Plate from Oriental Scenery Series    47/3
                Trade name marked    3/6
                Bowl and ewer possibly T.Rathbone    39/14; 40/7; 41/11
                Unmarked jug    39/16
Fallow Deer
                Coffee pot, cream jug, sugar box    123/7
                Cup and saucer    57/5 and 68/10
                Oval ring   130/8
                Rogers    57/5 and 58/5
                Tureen    111/9
Falls of Killarney
                Or Ross Castle? Dinner plate    91/10
                Loving cup, Occ. Paper No. 4/12
Family and Mule
                Plate    5/9
Family of Sheep
                E.Wood, Sporting Series    45/9
Family Picnic
                Leaf shaped pickle    148/4
Fanny Hirst
                Christmas mug - Yorkshire    121/11
Farm Animals
                Plate in Riley's Union Border Series    54/2
Farmer and Harvesters
                Rural Scenery Series. Segment from supper set    71/8
Farmer and Workmen
                Tureen, Occ Paper No. 4/11
Farmhouse, Gabled
                See Gabled Farmhouse
                Gleaners II    39/14; 40/7; 58/11
                Keeling. Teapot  60/10;  jug 126/11
                Minton. Lidded box  112/11
   Saucer by Keeling   129/8  
Farmyard water trough
                Tureen with acorn and oak leaf knop    48/5
Farmyard with Pigs
                Dish    60/4
Favourite, The
                Note of plate with cartouche    78/3
Feeding Cup
                Pattern not identified    99/9
Feeding the Doves
                Cream jug    64/4
Feeding the Chickens
                Tea bowl and saucer    144/7
Feeding the Swans
                Possibly E.Wood    41/4; 72/3; 74/11; 81/7
                Tea caddie copying Worcester    59/7
Fenced Garden
                Elliptical shaped dish    94/10
Fenced Pagoda
                Davenport Chinese Views Series    67/5 and 73/4
Fenced Temple and Bridge
                Saucer    103/6
Fenced Temples
                Swansea plate    59/5; 86/7; 87/3; 88/9
Fenced Water
                Saucer dish    82/4
                Desk Set    81/3
                Source print of Wedgwood pattern    64/10
Ferry Boat
                Sauce boat    55/2
                Chetham pattern    75/11
Field Flowers
                Brown-Westhead Moore. Plate    122/6
Field Sports No.2
                Mug and mark    143/9;
                Weary Sportsman. Plate and print    152/5
Fighting Cocks
                Plate M.U.    69/5
                Bagster pattern    60/12
                Minton pattern    62/3
Finden's Engravings
                Use by Spode and Copeland    15/3
Fir Tree
                Don Pottery teapot    50/3
Fir Trees
                Mustard pot by Davenport    39/15
                Bathwell & Goodfellow. Source notes    45/11
                Dessert dish, Occ. Paper No. 4/7
Fish Curing
                Sauce boat    59/6 and 61/5
Fisher Downing College
                Mark    76/2 and 77/12
Fisher, John and Helen
                Bowl details    123/12
Fisherman Series
                Donovan version impressed Davenport    22/2 and 34/5
Fisherman and Ferns
                Jug and dish, Davenport    55/8 and 56/5
Fisherman & Shelter
                Harley, sucrier    156/5
Fisherman's Hut
                Plate, M.U.    23/3
Fishermen with Nets
                By Hamilton    46/7; 48/8; 54/10; 94/6
   Impressed Spode    24/2
Fishing Party
                Plate by Stevenson    60/8
Fishing Scene
                Leeds. Jug    102/10
                Pierced basket    120/11
                Punch bowl     150/6
Flagbearer II
                Mug    156/10
                Leaf shaped pickle dish    55/4
Flirting Gardener
                Plate    74/6
                Its use in potting    24/6
                Hulse, Nixon & Adderley. Dished plate    85/8
                Miniature plate - John Meir?    111/7
Floral Basket
                Ridgway at Cauldon Place Works   128/8
Floral Bouquets
                Two mugs    147/4
Floral Medallions
                Vase    41/12; 44/10
Floral Patterns
                Elkin    39/12; 53/9
                Lidded jug    131/10
                Note of Davenport    57/8
                Pickle dish    144/4
                Rogers eagle mark    39/13
                Stone china, J & W.R. on plate    136/2
“Floral Scenery”
                Plate  126/9
Floral Sheet
                Cup and saucer, Elkins & Co.    1/2
Floral Sprays
                Loving cup    141/4
                Plate by Mason    6/7
                Rogers pattern    41/2; 77/12
                Note of watering can by Gordon, Prestonpans    45/12; 83/7
                Pattern used by Minton    62/3
“Florentine Villas”
                Jackson or Jamieson?    68/10
Flower Basket
                J.G.Bagster pattern    60/12
Flower Gatherers
                On a loving cup    41/4
Flower Groups
                See Brameld
Flower Panel Border Series
                Dish and source print    133/9
                Raj Ghaut and Fort of Allahabad. Dish   128/10
                Soup tureen stand    131/6
                Surseya Ghaut Khanpore. Plate   128/10
   The Mausoleum of Mucdoom. Dish by Daniel    128/10
Flower Trellis
                Plate, M.U.    111/2
Flowering Lilies
                Mug    49/9
Flowers and Leaves
                Henshall, plate    120/11
Flowers, Quartered
                Cornfoot, Colville & Co. Plate    6/6
Flying Pennant
                Hot water plate, Spode    101/8
                Syllabub cup, Spode    59/3
Foliage Border Series
                Dog in a Cradle. Coffee pot    101/3
                Man painting at Castle. Creamer    97/9
Font ( Girl at the Well )
                Harvey impressed mark    27/8
                Heath impressed mark    27/8
                T.R.& Co. ( Rathbone ) impressed mark    26/10 and 27/8
“Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire”
                Clews plate with Hackett retailer mark    109/7
                Note    81/8
                Panoramic Scenery on shards marked R.S.W.    120/9
                Plate and source print    133/7
                Cup    145/11
                Saucer by Hartley Green, Swinton    69/9
Footrims and Minor Marks
                As an aid to attribution    151/9
“Foremark Derbyshire” the seat of Sir Francis Burdett, Baronet
  Border on cake dish    156/6
  Plate and mark    155/11
                Listed Goodfellow pattern    55/5
Forest Landscape
                Miniature coffee pot and cover    109/6
                Jug    89/2
Fort and Sailboats
                Gravy boat in Italian Scenery Series    69/7; 74/12; 75/2
“Fort at Allahabad”
                Plate, “Oriental Scenery” Series    47/4
Fortified Bridge
                Don, slop bowl    45/8 and 50/3
                Cup and saucer with initials ‘E.J’   128/8
                Mason, derivation    11/10
Fountain near Alleppo
                Keeling. Two handled dish    39/11
Four Classical Ladies
                Coffee pots    147/11
Fox and the Cockerel
                Plate    81/7 and 82/12
Fox Hunt
                Pot pourri vase    41/5; 78/9
                Zoological Sketches” Series. Tureen lid    63/11 and 82/11
Franciscan Convent
                Copeland & Garrett    33/9
Freeman’s Tavern
                Platter    141/6
French Hornblower
                In reverse on mug    115/5
                Jug    115/4
French Loaf
                Tea bowl   127/3
French Series
                Building with covered terrace. Plate    92/7
Frog Mug
                With equestrian scene    137/2
Fruit and Birds
                Feeding bottle, Lace Border Series    41/7
Fruit Cup
                Loving cup   129/4
Fruit and Flower Border Series
                Flowers and Leaves II. Plate by Henshall    120/11
                Langley Park Buckinghamshire. Plate 126/6
Fruit and Flowers
                Spode egg cup    53/6
Fruit, Flowers and Vase
                Plate    55/9 and 116/9
Fruits, Mixed
                Arcaded plate by Chetham & Son    15/1
“Furness Abbey, Lancashire”
                Note    132/11
                Tureen, possibly Mason    48/10; 81/11



Gabled Farmhouse
                Notes    23/2
                Pickle dish impressed Davenport    19/4
Gables Farm
                And Beemaster    113/11
Galloping Horse
                Dudson pattern    70/8; 71/6; 72/8; 74/7
                Re-attribution to Minton    151/8
“Game Keeper”
                Cartouche on plate by Wm. Hackwood    118/12
                Soup plate marked Eyre Tavern/St John's Wood    96/3
“Gardner and Butterfly”
                Wedgwood plate    120/4
                Note of a pattern. by John Lythcoe    63/8
Gathering Reeds
                Mug    39/14
Gazunda Gavotte
                Child's chamber pot    58/7
                Bovey Tracey, Harvesting Scene on plate    104/5
                Mayer. Plate    137/8
                Note of pattern by John King Knight?    49/9
                Minton. Footed bowl    102/3
                Italian Scenery Series at Exhibition    63/12
                Swansea plate and vases    120/6
George III
                See 'Boy Receiving Bible'
                Smoke ring border on plate    135/6
George Washington Standing at his Tomb
                Tea bowl and saucer    90/3
                Spode. Pickle dish    104/10 and 106/12
                Curtis source print   125/2   
“Ghaut at Cutwa”
                Oriental Series    47/3
Giant Sheep
                Bowl by Clementson    50/9
Giggling Girls
                See Pagoda & Palms    43/12
Gilead House
                Source print and tureen   127/6
                Coffee pot    39/19; 40/7
Giraffe and Obelisk
                Cake Stand    96/7   
Girl at the Well
                See Font
                Bowl    90/8;
                Jug for John Lovecraft back-stamped ‘AB 1824’    155/5 and 156/11
                Spode bowl / Swansea teapot   118/6; 119/9
  Teapot    91/6;
Girl Feeding a Turkey
                Sherds    136/7
Girl Holding Parrot
                Saucer, impressed Moore & Co.    42/9
Girl Holding a Puppy
                Plate    141/11   
Girl Musician  

                Differing versions    10/6; 12/7
                Source of Riley pattern    46/9
                Vegetable tureen    131/12
Girl Reading
                Gadrooned plate, Machin & Potts    60/7; 96/3
Girl with Lamb
                Saucer by Ridgway    55/5; 67/6
Girls in Garden
                W.Smith pattern    44/11
Glasgow Cathedral
                See Cathedral of Glasgow
Gleaners I
                Pattern details    135/2
                Possible manufacturer    57/12; 72/8
                Teapot and slop bowl    137/11
                Tureen, Occ. Paper No. 4/9
Gleaners II
                Notes    39/14; 40/7; 41/8; 42/9; 84/5; 86/10
                Egg cup stands    87/6; 99/8
                Harvey, Cities and Towns Series    42/10
                Spode floral pattern on egg stand    69/6
                Teapot    148/3
Glyncorrwg Hotel
                Name on Welsh jug    89/5
Gnoll Castle, Glamorganshire
                Broth bowl    94/2
                Note of building    97/12
Goat Carting
                Cup and saucer marked Stevenson   129/5
                Classical Ruins by Dawson?    68/11; 79/11
Goat Herd
                Indented plate, Occ. Paper No. 4/12
Goatherd Piping
                Jug by Mexborough Rock Pottery    120/4
Goat Ride
                Tureen, Occ. Paper No. 4/8
Goat with Kid
                Tea bowl    136/3
Godden's Encyclopaedia
                References to blue printed wares    21/11
God Save the King 1789
                Loving cup    149/5
Goddess Kali
                Bowl and source print    144/8
                Jug and mark    146/9
                Sucrier by Stubbs    116/8
Goose Hunting
                Clews plate    97/4
                Coffee can and saucer    122/7
                Bagster pattern    60/12
                Hollinshead & Kirkham. Jug    105/12
Gothic Castle
                Copeland & Garrett, tea plate    119/9
Gothic Ruins
                Meigh    42/7; 74/10
                Hamilton. Shaped dish    48/8; 74/10
                Stevenson note    46/7
Gout Stool ( Ashantee foot stool )
                Impressed Copeland    31/11; 33/9
“Gracefield, Queen's County, Ireland”
                Plate by William Adams    19/9
                Middlesborough plate noted    20/10
Grantully Castle
                Print    77/8
Grape and Bird
                Bagster pattern    60/12
Grapes, Peaches and Birds
                Plate    143/11
Grapevine Border Series
                Abbey View in Yorkshire140/4
                Belsay Castle, Northumberland”    101/12
                Bidet    37/9 and 40/3
                Commode    53/4
                “Gubbins, Hertfordshire”    99/4
                Kirkstall Abbey, mark    150/11
                Note on Thorndon Hall    99/5
                Rivenham Place, Essex    99/4
                “Rochester Castle”   97/7
                “Ross Castle, Monmouthshire”    148/4
                Sauce tureen 96/2
                Sauce tureen, stand and ladle    79/12
                “Sherbourn Castle” (sic)    99/4
                “Shirley House, Surrey”    96/9
                Spring-Wood, Staffordshire    97/4
                “Sproughton Chantry, Suffolk”    101/2
                “Wardour Castle, Wiltshire”    96/9
                Origins and illustration.    6/8
Grazing Rabbits
                Teapot    67/6 and 70/6
Great House
                Crielton, Pembrokeshire. Bidet    37/9 and 40/3
Great Wall of China
                Plate, Leeds    76/6
“Grecian Figures”
                Note of tea cup and saucer    49/9
Grecian Temple
                Pattern at Goodfellow auction    55/5
Greek Patterns
                Bacchus mounted on a Panther    117/6
                Bellerephon's Victory Over the Chimera    117/7
                Etruscan and Greek Vases    133/7
                Gravy well and tree platter    108/12
                Heracles fighting Hippolyta    117/6
                Patty pan and saucer    109/8
                Review    135/4
                See Ferrybridge
                Spode    23/9; 52/7; 53/8; 59/8; 61/12; 67/8;
                                69/12; 76/8; 83/12; 110/4; 137/3; 141/9
                Three Figures in Battle    117/7
                Wreath for a Victor    117/6
                Zeus in his Chariot    117/7
Greek Statue
                Rogers pattern source    64/9; 68/5; 78/12
Green Park, London
                Well and tree dish   129/2
                Clews, Foliage and Scroll Border Series    93/4
                Tooth-stick holder, Blue Rose Border Series    62/7
Grenada, West Indies
                Shards found    17/3
                Tankard, M.U.    99/5
                Tea bowl and saucer    100/5
“Grotto of St Rosalie near Palermo”
                Named Italian Views. Flat tray    39/3; 43/2
                Problem of attribution    147/8   
                Plate, Stevenson's Ornithological Series    42/9
“Gubbins Hall”
                Cartouche on Stevenson plate    113/7
                English Views Series    27/6
                Tureen stand    79/12; 99/4
“Guy's Cliff, Warwickshire”
                Tureen    111/9 and 113/7



Hagley Hall
                John Meir. Plate    119/2
Haining, The, Selkirk
                Butterboat    94/10 and 97/12
Hampton Court
                Plate and mark    137/8
“Hampton House”
                Metropolitan Scenery” Series
                Small tureen and stand noted    28/8
Hannibal Crossing the Alps
                Dish, possibly Carey    22/3
“Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park”
                Adams recorded    16/Supplement
Haphazard Geometry
                Child's tea set plate marked Dawson    108/8
Hapless Hunter
                Mugs    135/5
Hare and Leverets
                Coffee pot    83/10 and 84/5
                Saucer impressed Ridgway    67/6
“Hare Hall, Yorkshire”
                Dish, M.U.    27/7
“Harewood House, Yorkshire”
                Dish by E. Wood    94/4
                R.Stevenson tea bowl and saucer    90/3
                Ridgway, Rural Scenery Series    50/9
Harvard College
                Katherine Faulkner Collection    63/12
                Footed bowl by Bell    132/9
                Note    134/5
“The Harvest Home”
                Dr Syntax Series 
                Dish    99/15
Harvest Time
                Dessert dish, unnamed pattern    105/3
                Tureen, Occ. Paper No. 4/11
Hawking in the Olden Times
                Jamieson and J & M.P. Bell    39/16
Hawking Scene
                Coffee pot    131/9
                J.D.Bagster    42/8
Haymaker I
                J.D.Bagster    60/12
Headless Woman
                Jug    67/12
                Ridgway or Minton? Circular bowl    114/12
Heracles Fighting Hippolyta
                Arcaded plate    117/6
                Maastricht    56/12
Hibernia series
                John Wedgwood
                Listed on sheet with 148
Hibiscus in Pot
                Adams milk jug    91/6
                Teapot    157/6
Highland Dancers
                Gazunda    58/7
Hills, Edward ( Cook, Magdalen College )
                Hills name on Dimmock platter    104/4
“Hindoo Ghaut on the Ganges”
                Oriental Scenery” Series    47/2
Hindoo Pagoda
                Pecking Parrot Border Series    47/2
                Tureen stand and source print    136/4   
Hindoo Temple
                Eastern Mosque Border Series    47/4
Hindoo Village on the Ganges
                Pecking Parrot Border Series    47/2, 3
                Tureen and source print    136/4
Historical Staffordshire
                Errors corrected    84/2
Hobby Horses
                Vignette on jug    131/7
                Slop bowl, M.U.    90/5
Hobson, John ( Cook, Magdalen College )
                Hobson's name on Copeland saucer    104/4
Holiday Street Theatre, Baltimore
                Plate with Henshall Fruit and Flower border    90/6
“Hollywell Cottage, Cavan”
                Enoch Wood    63/8 and 64/11
                Footbath    94/2
“Holy Bible” Series
                Herculaneum, brown printed    70/10
                Identified patterns    142/5
                Tadmor in the Desert    141/2
                Two plates    143/2
“Homer Invoking the Muses”
                Clementson note    48/12
Honeypot Cottage
                E. Wood pattern    77/5
“Hop Pickers”
                Note    140/10
                Plate, Occ. Paper No. 4/6  
                See also: French Hornblower in Reverse, Hunting with  Cheetahs, Ethiopian Hornblower, French Hornblower
                Large jug    115/8
                On a bowl    86/9
                Washbowl    98/9
Horse and Cart
                Lidded pot, M.U.    3/8
Horseman Going Fishing
                Platter, Occ. Paper No.4/9
Horseman, Lake and Mansion
                Arcaded plate by Rorstand    82/9
Horses and Ruins
                Large dish impressed Wallace & Co.    63/7
Horses at the Waterside
                R.Stevenson    50/10
Horses, Feeding
                Bowl, Davenport    18/12
  “Hospital near Poissy, Franc”
                Katherine Faulkner Collection    63/12
                See Lame Beggar pattern
                Oval basket, sauce tureen, small dish    104/10
Hotun on the River Canton
                Saucer by Robert Hamilton    97/10
House and Barn
                Toilet box and cover    57/3
House, Bridge and Boat
                Teapot    53/2 and 54/10
House on the Bridge
                Plate    142/8
                Square dish imp. Turner    13/3
House with Two Flagpoles
                Plate    63/2
House with Wing
                Coffee pot    77/5
 “Hudson, Trinity College”
                Copeland & Garrett pieces for Chef    98/6
                Plate    99/12
“Humphrey's Clock”
                Ridgway pieces    89/7
Hunting a Buffalo
                Dish by Challinor    44/7
                Spode    44/7
Hunting Scene
                Greek pattern    59/10
Hunting Views
                Covered vegetable dish    99/16
                Duck Hunting and Return from the Hunt    96/10
                Pie dish by Clews    95/2
                Goose Hunting. Plate    97/4
Hunting with Cheetahs
                See also Hornblower
                Coffee pot    112/6
                Jug    118/9
                Tea bowl and saucer    75/7 and 76/2
                Teapot    115/4
Hunting with Greyhounds
                Indeo ( Bovey Tracy )    55/9; 80/11
                Plate    84/8
Huntsmen and Hounds
                Mug    132/8
Huntsmen with Pennants
                Mug    69/4 and 70/4
“Hylands, Essex”
                J.Meir. Drainer, 38/4





“Illustrations of the Bible” Series
                Dinner plate    131/11
                Series details    140/4
                Tomb of Absolom. Dish    142/11
Impatient Child
                Plate, M.U.    3/8
Imperial Measure
                Jug with crown over wording    113/9
Independence Plate
                Katherine Faulkner Collection    63/12
                Daniell  source for Herculanium pattern    124/4
                Egg stand    19/8
“India Temple”
                Imp. mark Ashworth    14/2
India Wharf and Broad Street Stores
                E. Wood pattern    51/11
Indian Bird
                Plate by Reed Taylor    70/10
Indian Fishermen
                Shell dish    73/8
Indian Reed
                Plate, John Rogers    82/12 
Indian Scenery Series
                Dish    90/11
                Godwin and / or Hall    61/11; 67/11
“Indian Temple”
                Comment on shard    106/7
Indian Temples
                Caret Series    49/12; 55/2
Indian Traffic
                And Amazon    90/2
                P.Regout, Maastricht    88/10
                Similarity to Lasso / Amazon, of Adams    89/3; 127/2
Indian Views
                See Parrot Border Series
Inverary Castle
                Jug, Rathbone    79/11 and 80/11
Iphigenia Told of the Death of Agamemnon
                Illustration    59/10
Irish Hero
                Plate, Dudson    63/11; 72/3
Irish Scenery
   Doveridge Hall. Platter and print    133/8
                The Haining, Selkirk. Butterboat    94/10; 97/12
Irish Scenery series
                Elkins. Non-Irish views appearing    4/7
Irish Wolfhound
                Mug, B.Adams    51/3
                Mark on bowl    123/11
Island Fort
                Jar, possibly Herculaneum    39/20
Island Temple
                Davenport Chinese Views Series    67/5
                Listed in Don and Twigg Potteries    43/3
Isola Bella
                Note of Adams / Davenport patt.    37/4
                Butter churn    137/10
                Indeo ( Bovey Tracy ) excavation    80/11
                Kettle with verse on reserve and inside    122/7
                Variation, Clews/Spode plate    134/5
                Wm. Ridgway Series. List to date    159/5
“Italian Buildings”
                Tureen, Katherine Faulkner Collection    63/12
Italian Fountain
                Teapot, M.U.    4/6
“Italian Lakes” Series
                Note of J.& M.P. Bell patt.    59/5   
Italian Lakeside
                Plate, M.U.    2/6; 64/3
Italian Pastoral
                Source    13/8
Italian Picknicking Couple
                Plate impressed Fell    119/11
Italian Ruins
                Minton pattern source material    45/12; 62/3
“Italian Scenery” Series
                E. Wood. Source material    68/5
               Fort & Sailboat    69/7
                Fortress & Volcano    74/12; 75/2
                Leeds pattern    64/9
   Meir. Mark noted    10/9
                Pieces with marine pattern   130/3
Italian Views
                See Don Pottery, also Named Italian Views
                Don and Twigg Potteries    39/3
Italianate Chinoiserie
                Plate imp. Wedgwood    5/5
                Podmore and Walker. Plate    77/11


James Taylor
                Tankard dated 1797    134/7
                Unmarked tankard    135/9
Jan Dirks
                Three Storied Mansion by Maastricht    58/3
                Pattern by J.D.Bagster    60/12
                Pattern by J.D.Bagster    60/12
Jar and Fisherman
                Dish with Hartley Green pattern    80/6
“Jedburgh Abbey, Roxburghshire”
                Floral Border Series.    150/2
                Plate by E.Wood (see also Sweetheart Abbey )    77/5
                Adams. Dish    87/8
                Initials noted on a mug    15/12
“Jungara Pagoda”
                Pecking Parrot Border Series    51/6; 64/7


                Plate and source print    61/2 and 62/5
                Platter    98/7
“Kenelworth Priory” (sic)
                Minton Miniature Series. Plate and mark    78/7
Kenmount House
                Oak Leaf and Acorn Border Series    33/11
                Plate, Grape Vine Border Series, E.Wood    76/4
Kilchurn Castle
                Plate, Northern Scenery Series    81/12
The Kill,
                Kidson, Peruvian Hunters Series    39/17
                Platter    69/11
Killruddery Hall
                Carey, Titled Seats Series
                Tureen    44/8 and 45/9
                Cup with Two Kilns pattern by Bovey Tracy    70/7
King of Delhi
                Addition to Oriental Scenery Series    39/9; 47/5
Kingdom of Fife
                Valencienne, vignette    78/12
“King's College, Cambridge”
                Dish by Harvey    16/ Supp.9
                Pepper pot, Herculaneum    86/3; 87/9
King's College, Provost's Lodge
                Illustrated    65/10
King's Lodge
                Within cartouche on soup plate    78/6
                Saucers and bowl    148/2
“Kirkham Abbey”
                Abbey / Priory / Gateway    52/11
Kirkham Priory Series
                List of titles    8/8
“Kirkstall Abbey, Yorkshire”
                Adams or Clews?    85/3
                Griffiths, Beardmore & Birks patt.    76/5
                Mark    150/11
                Note on pattern    42/10   
                Wedgwood version in reverse    7/11
“Klostenberg, Germany”
                Katherine Faulkner Collection    63/12
                Copeland pattern    38/10


“La Grange, the Residence of the Marquis Lafayette”
                Katherine Faulkner Collection    63/12
La Guillotine
                Jug and mug    147/4
La Mancha
                Tea bowl and saucer    81/5   
“Lace Border” Series
                Windsor Castle poss. R. Stevenson    39/13
Ladies of Llangollen
                Native pattern and variants    143/11
Ladies with Bird and Cage
                Jug from Swansea    89/5
Lady and Spinning Wheel
                Saucer and cup    146/5; 146/7
Lady Falconer
                Treacle jug    143/11; 144/10
 Lady in Spectacles
                Sucrier by Shorthose    45/10
“Lady of the Lake”
                Derivation    25/5;
                Fell    39/12
  Jug and bowl   130/2
  Notes    153/8
  Plate with ‘Adams’ mark    151/10
  Potters    152/11
  Tea bowl and saucer marked ’Heath’    153/8  
Lady of the Manor
                Loving cup, Occ. Paper No. 4/12
Lady with Boy
                Tureen, Occ. Paper No. 4/12
Lady with Parasol
                Detailed notes    135/9; 137/12
                Jug    142/12
                Meat drainer    145/12
                Notes    131/12
                Octagonal platter with Saturn symbol    136/10
                                                     with Sun symbol    136/10
                Salient features    134/10
                Tureen, Occ. Paper no. 4/6
                Morley & Ashworth wares, derivation    30/12
                Or Dagger Landscape    66/11; 77/7
Lake & Bridge
                Turnbull ( Stepney Pottery )    46/5
“Lake of Como”
                Wood & Challinor. Plate    65/9
                See British LakesLakeside Cottage Family
                Bowl    58/8
Lakeside Meeting
                See    64/3
“Lambton Hall, Durham”
                Dish by E.Wood    28/4
                Intricate tree drainage. Large dish    96/8
Lame Beggar
                Note    37/4; 38/5
“Lancashire Asylum”
                Jug with inscription    31/11
                “Cherub Medallion Border” Series
                Note    153/3
Lancer Unseating Adversary
                Cream jug, M.U.    103/10
Landing of Lafayette
                Katherine Faulkner Collection    63/12
Landing of the Fathers at Plymouth
                Plate    91/11
“Lanercost Priory”
                Minton Miniatures Series    45/7
                Quill box    92/5
                Dating of designs generally    4/10
                List with factories    16/Supp.
                Pattern, W.R.Midwinter    22/9; 23/7
Lanercost Priory
                Dish    12/6
Languid Angler
                Saucer, M.U.    112/4
Lanje Lisen
                Large lid by Spode    49/11
“Lanthony Abbey, Monmouthshire”
                View recorded    27/2
Large Scroll Border Series
                Large dish    66/5
                Tureen, Riley    56/2
                Jug printed ‘W. Bourne’   127/2; note   128/5
Laughing Dog
                Bowl    132/2
                Coffee Pot    133/10
                Tea pot    136/5
Leamington Baths
                British Scenery Series    41/8
“Lee House on the Clyde”
                Belle Vue Views Series. Oval dish    17/4
Leeds Independent Order of the Ark
                Plate with Ark design    116/5
                Zoological Sketches Series by J. Meir    61/11
Light Blue Rose Border Series
                Kirkstall Abbey. Dish    76/5
                Britsh Marine Series    25/2; 32/11; 39/8; 69/2
                Spode and Davenport pattern    70/6; 77/3
                Children's moulded plates    66/6
Lind, Jenny
                Mug    75/12
“Linlithgow Palace”
                Plate    12/4
                Noted in dinner service    28/8
Lion Angry
                Notes and illustrations    27/9
Lion Spear Hunter
                Jug, M.U.    88/11
Lion, Unicorn & Vulture
                Teapot    78/8
                Adams. Derivation    21/10; 22/8
Little Deer
                Jug    145/10; 146/2
Liverpool Birds
                Tea caddy    51/2
Liverpool & Manchester Railway
                Jug with views of line    33/7
Liverpool Views Series
                Herculanium, plate and mark    135/8
                Pickle dish possibly Llanelly    98/11
Lizard Armorial
                See Armorial
                Bowl    137/8; 138/3; 138/4
                Identified as ‘Tibetan Musk’    139/12
                Dimmock and Smith version.  Tea bowl and saucer    140/2
                Mug    41/10
Llangollen (Llangothlin )
                View noted    28/8
Lochside Castle
                British Scenery Series    51/9
                Southwark Bridge. Print and plate    107/8
                View marked T. & B. Godwin    10/7
London Views Series
                E.Wood example illustrated    5/7
Long Bridge
                Patty pan    145/11
                Refs    38/8; 43/12; 44/10; 55/6; 58/10; 75/4; 84/2; 93/8;        95/10; 102/7; 102/12; 103/9
Long Crook Piping Shepherd
                Small dish    100/6
Long-Handled Fishing Net
                Swansea coffee pot    60/9
Lord of the Manor
                Bute shape cup    73/6
                Herculaneum, dish    39/12
Love Birds
                Bovey Tracey. Coffee cups and bowl    153/11
Love Chase
                Manufacturers    87/11
                Spode limited edition plate    85/3
                Teapot, creamer and slop bowl    104/3
Lover's Offering
                Impressed Calais    81/10
                British Lakes” Series    25/3
Lowing Cow
                Riley's Union Border Series    59/12
“Lowther Castle, Westmorland”
                Meir, Crown Acorn and Oak Leaf Border Series    50/9
                View of Castle. Attributed to Stevenson    16/Supp.2
                Goodfellow auction    55/5
                Goodwin, Oriental Scenery Series    47/5
“Ludlow Castle, Salop”
                View identified, Rogers    19/4; 27/6
“Luscombe, Devon”
                Cup and saucer, and source print    131/5
                Select Views Series, Ralph Hall. Dish    79/4
Lute Player
                Roger's sauce boat    94/3
                Coffee pot    112/6
                View noted    28/7



Macduff's Castle, Fife
                Notes and Illustration    57/11; 58/11
Madame La Guillotine
                Mug, Swansea    101/4
The Magic Horse
                Doulton plate   111/8 and 112/11
Maidstone, Kent
                Note of tureen    44/10
                Jug and source print    143/4
Malayan Longhouse
                Vase    92/12
“Malmsbury Abbey, Wiltshire”
                Pineapple Border Series. Dish    81/11
Mammalia Series
                Detail    140/5
Man of the Lake
                Toothstick box    61/5; 62/5
Man on a Bluff, Fishing
                Pepper pot    97/9
Man on a Carthorse
                Davenport Rustic Series    48/2
Man on a Sampan
                Jug    150/6
Man Pointing at Castle
                Creamer, open pedestal salt    97/9
Man with Hoop
                Coffee can and saucer    105/4
Manuel Teague
                Floral pattern with exotic bird. Initials MT. Jug    103/12
Man with a Rake
                Sauce boat possibly Mason    6/11
                Stevenson attribution. Plate    29/9
Man with Rocket
                Jug, attributed to John Turner    42/11
Man on Rustic Bridge
                Breakfast cup and saucer. Probably Minton.    159/7 
Man with Two Horses
                Miniature cup    73/8
“Mandarin Opaque China”
                Source prints    64/5
                Note    133/2
                Domestic Cattle Series    43/7
                Thomas Shirley. Plate    55/11 and 56/5
Mansion with Deer
                Semi-china soup plate    131/11
                Leeds shard found    75/9
Mare and Foal Series
                See Davenport
                Dish    144/5
                Goodfellow’s auction list    55/5
                Small plate marked Jackson    92/6
Marking of Pieces
                Discussion article    153/7 
                Dish by Ridgway    10/4
Martha Washington States' Plate
                Notes    53/9; 78/10
                Whitehaven    86/12
Mask Jug
                Eight-sided, floral pattern    24/5
Master & Servant
                Teapot by Keeling    60/10
Master Skinner
                Back-stamp    82/11
“Mausoleum of Kausim Solamanee at Chunar Gur”
                Cauldron plate    116/7
                Rogers Pecking Parrot Border Series. Plate    47/8
                Source print identified    119/5
Mausoleum of Mucdoom
                Jug, cup and saucer  124/8
Mausoleum of Nawaub Assoph Khan, Rajerrahel
                Dish    134/8
Mausoleum of Sultan Purviez, near Allahabad
                Attributed to Walsh    151/12
                Rogers Pecking Parrot Border Series. Plate    47/8
                Toddy and saucer    144/5
May Queen
                Mug    56/8
                Whitehaven    86/12
                Jug    105/9
                Miniature plate, Two Garlands. Bovey Tracey    104/5
                Spill vase    103/3 and 104/5, 6
Meccano Bridge
                Coffee cup    112/9
                Thos Godwin Arctic Scenery Series    73/5
Medway Bridge
                Also some source prints    44/10 
                Shaving mug    49/4
                Notes    3/10; 5/11
                Plate, M.U. marked Patent with crown surmount    4/6
Merigot Source Prints
                Ponte Rotto used by Lockett & Hulme    67/9
Mess Wares
                Bowl recovered from Bermuda harbour    93/7
“Metropolitan Scenery” Series
                Bagster, J.D.    60/11; 125/6
                Blackheath and source prints    83/4
                Bow Bridge   1/4    
                Goodwins & Harris. Attribution    3/3; 6/2; 125/6
                Hampton House    28/8
                List of recorded views    3/5
                Osterley Park    42/8
                Stilton cover and stand possibly Twickenham    27/5; 28/8
                Twickenham on comport    123/5
                View of Colnebrook    27/8; 125/8
                View of Greenwich    141/10
                Waltham Cross   18/11; 29/8
                Windsor Castle and others    59/4
                Winemakers. Plate    134/4
                Cork, Edge & Malkin. Jug and Ewer    66/6
Middle East
                Johnson jug    103/5
Midnight Flowers
                Riley, plate    60/6
Milanese Villas
                Note of pattern by Davies and Co.    49/9
                Plate, M.U.    4/6
Milk and Honey
                Tea bowl and saucer   125/3
                Davenport cup and saucer    145/7
                Ewer, M.U.    39/14
                Jug, Don    103/11
                Meat platter, Occ. Paper No.4/6