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The club, founded in 1973, exists to study under-glaze blue decoration on pottery using a transfer print, a technique developed in Britain during the last two decades of the eighteenth century, when patterns deriving from contemporary Chinese porcelain designs began to appear. Many of these early designs were very similar to what we know today as Willow Pattern. As time went on, however, and techniques improved and tastes changed, every kind of design imaginable was used, from stately homes to bowls of flowers, from historical scenes to ships at sea.

Today, these products of British potters are far better appreciated than ever before and are sought after by collectors, not only in the UK, but also abroad, particularly in North America, to where large quantities of the wares were exported during the first quarter of the nineteenth century.

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Local Meetings of small groups of Members are also encouraged. These are offered and hosted by individual Members in their own homes with the help of Committee Members. Special previews of auction sales and free catalogues are also offered. Why not download an Application Form now and visit other pages on our web site to find out more about us. 

The club was founded 45 years ago and members are now able to view all 177 of our bulletins on line in the Members only section.

A new online exhibition has been launched uder the auspices of the Transferware Collectors Club and the Northern Ceramic Society.
This joint project relates the remarkable story of the production of printed pottery and porcelain in Great Britain from 1750 to 1900 and is a valuable source of information for all collectors, researchers and lovers of blue & white transferware.
Click here for a link to the site. 

Lee Priory

View of Lee Priory. From the Angus Seats Series by Ridgways, c. 1820.

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